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What do I need to do first before I can buy or sell livestock?

In order to buy or sell livestock on the platform, you will first need to submit your details associated with your livestock transfer number for approval here 

Once we have confirmed these details, we will notify you by email within 24 hours.  

If you are not buying or selling through a livestock agent, you will also need to create an escrow account to receive funds as a seller or make payment as a buyer if the amount exceeds 5000 in your currency.  Escrow currently supports the following currencies: AUD, USD, CAD, EUR, GBP.

For amounts less than 5000, you will need to add a paypal account to receive these funds.  

You can access all of these settings from the main dashboard by clicking on to the Market icon and then from the dropdown list at Account Management select Livestock Transfers, Escrow Account Setup or PayPal Email.

How do I add my number associated with livestock transfers?

To buy or sell livestock, you first need to add your number associated with livestock transfers.  For example, this will be your P.I.C in Australia (Property Identification Code) or P.I.N in the United States (Property Identification Number).  

From the main dashboard, click on the Market icon then Account Management and select Livestock Transfers from the dropdown list. 

Then click on ADD Number from the Livestock Transfer page shown below.


How do I access my market place account settings?

There are several ways to access your account settings for the market place.

1. From the main dashboard, select the Market icon and then click on Account Management or

2. From your profile pic in the top right corner of the screen, select My Account from the dropdown list or

3. From the home page of the market place, select the My Account link from the menu across the top of the page. 

From here, you can access your PayPal settings, Escrow account settings, Livestock Transfer number, delivery options, email templates and all of your activity associated with buying and selling in the market place.

How do I add a Paypal or Escrow account to my marketplace seller account?

If you want to set up an individual seller account, go to the Market icon from the main Dashboard and select 'Account Management' from the menu and then the PayPal email or Escrow Account Setup link to connect your accounts.

If you want to set up a seller account in the market place for your business or community, go to the Business or Communities icon from the dashboard and click the My Business or My Communities link where you can access the dashboard to those profiles.  From there click on the PayPal Seller Account Setup or Escrow Seller Account Setup link to connect your accounts.

Can I buy and sell using my livestock agent?

Yes, ONFARM supports the payment flow your livestock agent uses to manage their usual sales processes.  This will be subject to their usual trading and payment terms which will be shown on each item listed through the agent.

How does an agent or broker set up their listings using their own payment flow?

To access the payment flow of an agent or broker business, create a business listing in the 'Agents & Brokers' category of the business directory.  

To list items on behalf of clients, first login as the business to upload and complete your Trading & Payment terms for buyers to pay you from the Business Dashboard.  

Once you have logged in as your business, you can list items to sell on behalf of your clients.  


What is an affiliate / discount?

An affiliate is when you want to send a percentage of a product or a discount code for the product and direct this to an affiliate. For example, you might want to offer a percentage of a course to the person/business that referred the sale to you.

How to setup an affiliate

From the dashboard click on Market, then Account management, and "Discounts and affiliates"