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Farmer Joe
Farm Manager
Bonny Doon Farms, Coulson Farms
Marcus Oldham

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    • Farm Manager
      Bonny Doon Farms
      Jan 2017
      Dec 2021
      * Continuously improve farm yield through implementation of process, labourer and crop improvements. * Source outside vendors for crop protection applications and equipment repairs. * Maintain farm inventory of equipment and supplies and make purchase decisions * Hire and recruit talented farm hands for permanent, daily and seasonal work. * Ensure fields are properly planted, thinned and irrigated. * Devise updated harvesting strategies based on latest trends and information. * Establish and monitor budgets for all farm areas. * Currently working to introduce more organic practices into farm procedures.
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    • Farm Manager
      Coulson Farms
      Feb 2014
      Nov 2017
      * Managed equipment to insure optimal performance with routine maintenance. * Performed minor and intermediate repairs directly. * Made decisions on new equipment purchases and service needs. * Trained new farm hands on equipment usage and maintenance. * Initiated safety improvements that reduced incidents to near zero.
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    • Marcus Oldham
      Farm Management
      Degree Diploma
      Attended Marcus Oldham Farm Management Diploma
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  • Top Skills

    GIS Software
    Environmental Protection Strategies
    Trend Analysis
    Information Collection
    Team Management
    Low Stress Stock Handling Techniques
    1 Budgeting
    • Date of Birth Jan 01 2000
      Gender Male
      Marital Status Single
      Nationality Australian
      Phone Number 555 5555
      Address Geelong VIC, Australia