ONFARM was seeded within an agricultural leadership group known as the Platinum Primary Producers.
With a focus on continuous improvement, members meet to expand their knowledge base, challenge paradigms and drive innovation for better outcomes with a greater vision.
A private equity group gathered to fund the ambition of uniting the agricultural industry on a platform to effect change and impact as a collective.
ONFARM is a tool to enable our farmers to communicate and coordinate activities in a central meeting and market place we can all belong to.
Built from the grassroots by farmers who want to leverage technology to network, educate and inspire producers in their role of growing our food and regenerating our land.
Farmers and stakeholders across the full supply chain can connect and collaborate in a meaningful and productive way to progress trade opportunities and future development.


To offer farmers greater access to markets and choice in how they trade.

Create a fully integrated industry network where we can all connect and collaborate to effect change and impact as a collective.

Develop an ecosytem to enable, empower and drive innovation for the benefit of all and

Provide a central portal for producers and consumers to connect, engage and market direct.