Agents & Brokers

If you would like to keep doing business in your usual way plus save your clients the listing fees and enjoy an all

time low selling fee, we've tailored a workflow just for you.

List your Business

Agents and Brokers can list their business in the Business Directory under the category of Agents & Brokers. List your Business here.

Do it your Usual Way

This will activate a listing and payment flow to facilitate the usual way you operate and manage your agency or broker business in selling on behalf of your clients subject to your usual trading and payment terms.

Choose any Selling Format

You can choose to create any type of selling format including Auctions, Auction Events, Buy Now, Flash Sale or Classifieds using this agent and broker listing process. Just login as your Business and start listing.

Sell on behalf of your Clients

When you list items on behalf of your client in your business, it will populate inside the Market Place of your business and outside to the main Market Pace home page for everyone to see and search. Buyers pay you direct.

Upload & Link Livestock Assessment Data

The livestock assessment portal also includes an Agent/Assessor User Account to create assessment entries and upload all the animal data on behalf of your client. You can link this assessment data to view inside the lot or item you’re selling. Register as an Assessor here.

No Listing or Assessment Fees

It’s free to list in the market place and create livestock assessment entries.

A Low Flat Max Selling Fee

The ONFARM transaction fee is levied on the value of each lot sold, ranging from $0.11 to a maximum low flat fee of $110. Click here to view the Fees page.

A statement will be issued to your agency or broker business at the end of each month.